Dynamic Probing in Norwich

Dynamic Probing

Dynamic probe testing determines the resistance of soil to the dynamic penetration of a cone driven by the action of a hammer of known mass falling a given height. The penetration resistance is recorded as the number of blows required to drive the cone over a specified distance interval. The tests provide an indication of penetration resistance over the depth of the test, but no soil samples are recovered.
Different equipment specifications of dynamic probing allow for testing in a range of soil conditions; we offer the light and super-heavy test, using either a sacrificial or a fixed cone. The super-heavy equipment (DPSH-A or DPSH-B) uses a 63.5 kg percussive hammer that is operated from small-tracked sampling rig, and can operate to depths in excess of 30 m in suitable soils. The light specification (DPL) is hand-operated equipment using a 10 kg drop hammer, which can operate to a maximum depth of 10 m in suitable soils. This is equipment is easily portable meaning it can be used in areas where the rig cannot access. During testing, the number of blows required drive the cone 100 mm are recorded, and after every 1m length a torque reading is taken. The process is then repeated until test reaches the required depth, or the rate of advance of the cone is restricted.
The test results are provided on logs presenting penetration resistance with depth. Additionally, the results of the test can be correlated with a standard penetration test (SPT) N value.

Example Dynamic Probe Log

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