Module List

GEODASY Fieldwork Module

  • Cable Percussion Borehole Log

  • Rotary Drillhole Log

  • Composite Cable Percussion/Rotary Log

  • Trial Pit Log

  • Dynamic Probe Log

  • Window sampler Log

  • Groundwater Instrumentation Log

  • Standard Penetration Test Results

  • In situ vane test summary

GEODASY Sample Management Module

  • Laboratory Test Schedule

  • Chemical Test Schedule

  • Sample Logging Sheet

  • Sample Record Sheet

GEODASY Laboratory Module

  • Sample Description Sheet

  • Natural Moisture Content Summary Sheet

  • Atterberg Limits Test Summary Sheet

  • Atterberg Limits Test Detailed Sheet

  • Particle Size Distribution Curves

  • pH and Sulphate Test Summary Sheet

  • Undrained Triaxial Test Summary Sheet

  • Undrained Triaxial Test Detailed Sheet

  • CBR Test Summary Sheet Organics and chloride

  • Point Load Test Summary sheet

  • Laboratory Test Summary sheet

GEODASY Data Manipulation Module

  • Nominal Lithological Long Section

  • Nominal Long Section of Dynamic Probe Logs

  • Exploratory Position Location Plan Scaled

  • Geological Long Sections

  • Composite Grading Curves and envelope

  • Composite A-line

  • Composite Dynamic probe plot

  • GEOPLOT for creating X-Y

  • USDA Classification Soil Texture

Extra Modules

  • PDF output

  • AutoCAD link

  • Excel Import / Export


  • AGS import and export

  • Upgrade single user option to provide full network functionality

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