Thermal Resistivity

The thermal resistivity of soils can be measured in the field in trial pits or boreholes or under laboratory conditions.  The results provide data to determine the thermal insulating properties of a soil.  A F Howland Associates can collect and provide the raw data needed to derive cable ratings for underground cable routes.  Laboratory measurements can be carried out on undisturbed soil samples or re-compacted soils.  Compaction can be performed on soils samples gained from the field or on soil provided that is to be used for cable trench backfill. The compaction can be applied to provide the in-situ density or a specified density. 

Typical applications: onshore wind farm and sub-station cable routes.

Electrical Resistivity

Electrical resistivity of soil or rock can be measured using

Electrical resistivity testing can be performed on soils or rock to provide corrosivity values of for accurate selection of appropriate pipeline materials.  A F Howland Associates can carry out this testing in the field or in the laboratory on undisturbed or disturbed samples. 



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